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What He’s Done

Vice-Chairman of the Senate Education Committee

  • Increased teacher pay by over $7,300 per year, which advanced Oklahoma from 49th in the country to 34th
  • Increased funding for Public Education by $203M in FY2020, of which $74M went to the classroom to help where needed most
  • Co-authored and voted for HB3350, which gave our state retirees the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) Increase they have earned

Infrastructure Repair

  • Fully funded the Roads & Bridges 8-Year Plan to improve our roads & help keep our cars out of the shop

Public Safety

  • Established 2 new state trooper academies, which are estimated to field an additional 80 new troopers beginning in 2020
  • Raised pay for correctional officers by 14%

Government Reform

  • Empowered the governor to hire & fire top bureaucrats instead of letting them hide behind cozy commissions
  • Established the Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency as a central tracking & reporting office of all state dollars to keep agencies honest

National Reputation

  • Kept Oklahoma out of embarrassing national headlines by encouraging other legislators to tone down counterproductive rhetoric and to focus instead on big problems
  • Worked with medical advocates and state leadership to coordinate a stronger COVID-19 response while still maintaining economic life support

Legislative Scorecard

  • Oklahoma Constitution Conservative Index: 86% (2019)
  • Ranked as 5th most conservative Senator in 2019
  • OK2A: A++ (2019)
  • Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights: 89% (2019)
  • Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy Index: 92% (2019)