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Vision for the Future


  • Fully equip our classrooms with professionally trained teachers through competitive pay & heartfelt respect
  • Provide safe & welcoming learning environments by cracking down on bullying

Economic Growth

  • Continue post-COVID-19 economic recovery by promoting additional aerospace programs, preserving our network of small businesses, and assisting our oil and natural gas businesses
  • Bolster statewide employment through workforce development – not every young adult needs to go to college, but everyone needs a skill & a job

Long-Term Stability

  • Replenish our state savings in the Rainy Day Fund and the Revenue Stabilization Fund to prepare for the next economic downturn or health crisis

Mental Health

  • Relieve stressed families by promoting Mental Health awareness & funding
  • Provide dedicated Mental Health counselors in our schools

Pension Reform

  • Reform our antiquated pension system by implementing a modern Direct Contribution retirement plan for the state’s new hires